Hiking Ilex Forest

The weather has been warm and varying between rain showers and sunny. Been busy with work so I’ve only done a couple caches since last time. The first two I found on August 7. First up was Step Up to the Bar (GC1YG0C). This one requires figuring out the coordinates ahead of time which isn’t too hard if you’ve worked in retail. Watch out for spider webs on your walk to the cache. The second was T.A.G — E is for Eraser Exchange (GC1N5FC). It is in the Centre County Alphabet Game series and I left a pencil-shaped eraser in keeping with the cache swag theme.

Oddish by Fluna on DeviantArt used under Creative Commons (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0)

The third I found on August 11 with my younger brother. Gotta Cache ‘Em All – 043 – Oddish (GC7BD8J) is in the Pokemon series. This one required a bit of looking around checking possible locations because the tree cover slightly hinders a good coordinate lock. The container is a Pokeball and you can take a complimentary Oddish card. The last for this time was Colonnade View (GC38CTN) on August 30. This cache uses an Easter-themed container that took me two attempts to find. Until next time thanks for reading and keep on caching.


Pigs To Market

Its been a busy last two weeks with work so I only did a couple of geocaches. On Tuesday, July 24 I did Luke 2:12a (GC4VHGG) in Warriors Mark. It was placed to give people an opportunity to learn about the history of the United Methodist Church that it is located at and is an easy cache and dash.

Friday, August 3 I found a few caches in State College. First up was Our Anniversary (GC3J3NF). It commemorates a first date for a local geocaching couple. Next was T.A.G. — What Starts With C? (GC1MVZM) in Cato Park. It’s third in the Centre County Alphabet Game. If you’re not familiar with the Alphabet Game you’re supposed to trade items that start with that letter or use crearive alliteration in your log post.

Claimed after a carefree canter following a cloudburst and chronicled claim on chart.

Finished up the day with three related caches. Pine Hall Lutheran Church Cache (GC78XJC) is placed near the church and is a quick find. The next two were in the Rest n’ Peace Centre County series. #17 – Pine Hall, East Side (GC476YY) and #18 – Pine Hall, West Side (GC3TTMF) are located at opposite sides of the cemetery. They both require some slight bushwacking but aren’t too hard to find.

Centennial Pigs Statue

Last for the week was A PIGture Perfect Cache (GCQQ39) that I found on Saturday, August 4. It is in the area of a statue that commemorates State College Borough’s Centennial. The statue is of a sow and two piglets celebrating the area’s agrarian history. The cache itself is hard to find and took me about 30 minutes. It was very satisfying to find and log. Thanks for reading and keep on caching.

Shortcut To Mushrooms

The past week wasn’t bad for caching. Weather was warm and the week started off with scattered showers leading up to thunderstorms over the weekend. On Tuesday, July 17 found two more caches in the Rest ‘n Peace Series for Centre County. #5 – Gatesburg Lutheran (GC2N1MX) is located behind an active cemetery in the small town of Gatesburg. #4 – Ross Cemetery (GC2N1M9) is located on a small hill near the intersection of Marengo and Gatesburg Roads. The cache is neatly hidden using the natural flora and I found an interesting mushroom growing nearby (see photo).

Saturday, July 21 I got off to a late start and didn’t start caching till the afternoon. First up was Whitey’s Cache (GC1TQXK) located in State Game Lands 33. It is a moderately easy hike to the hill it’s located on followed by some bushwhacking to a natural path that takes you very close. I missed the natural path initially and ended up making my way through the moderately thick brush for about an extra 15 minutes. It is an interesting cache placed in memory of George ‘Whitey’ Meck by his family. He was a Philadelphia Firefighter and the cache follows that theme. It includes family photos and souvenirs from the city of brotherly love such as a mini Liberty bell, postcards and the logbook pen. If you go be sure to wear long pants, good boots, bug spray and watch out for ticks and snakes. I had the opportunity to see a couple of Whitetail Deer, an Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake (photo below), and various birds.

I then found Welcome to Where Are The Carel’s Caching Today??? (GC2X9F5) and Welcome to Where’s Bubba Foster At Today?? (GC2X9FH) both located on easy to miss entrance lanes for State Game Lands 33. Both were fairly quick and easy cache and dashes. I finished up the day with T.A.G. — P are fer Pirates (GC22V4T) which is part of the Alphabet Game for Centre County. It’s located within a short easy hike from the road. To qualify for the T.A.G. Challenge one is supposed to exchange an item that can be named or described with the appropriate letter or complete your geocaching.com log using creative alliteration. I included mine below which I completed after several thesaurus searches and think turned out alright. Thanks for reading and keep on caching.

Peered position after perusing the province near the path in the pouring precipitation. Promptly posted proof in the packets pad and spared the plunder for other persons playing.

Silence In The Library

Did a few geocaches over the past week. Weather was hot and sunny but not too bad for doing geocaching. Starting Monday, July 2 found ‘Silence in the Library’ (GC6RD7R). It’s a cool little cache hidden at the Schlow Centre Region Library. You have to find a clue near the front door area to find the cache location which is hidden inside the library. Be sure to check out a favorite book or movie while you’re there.

donna and 10 library.jpg
“You want weapons? We’re in a library! Books are the best weapon in the world. This room is the greatest arsenal we could have. Arm yourself.” – The Doctor

On Sunday, July 8 did a couple geocaches in Patton and Halfmoon Township. Another Parking Lot Cache (GC78KFX) is a micro located near Target. I wasn’t able to find it and will try again at a later date. Summer Song 1 (GC2CRPD) was an easy find and was originally one of ten caches in the Centre Region based on songs about summer. This one was based on Summertime by George Gershwin written for Porgy and Bess and then became popular among jazz artists. Version sung by Ella Fitzgerald is below. Where Green and Gray Meet (GC2V4JN) is a quick cache located near Graysdale Park. It’s an easy walk from the parking area and hidden using a magnetic key holder.

I finished the day with a series of Rest ‘n Peace Centre County caches located on PA State Route 550. First up was #24 Friends Cemetery (GC6MVZC). It’s a small cemetery that had its first recorded burial in 1822 and most recent in 2016. Next was #25 Centre Line Lutheran (GC6MW1Q). Originally a church was located next to the cemetery as can be seen in a image below from an 1874 atlas (shared from the caches page on geocaching.com). Last was #26 Centre Line Amish Mennonite (GC6RD7R). It’s a small plot of a few families that is located on a farm across the road from Centre Line Lutheran and maintained by the current property owners. Thanks for reading and keep on caching.

Location of Lutheran Church from A. Pomeroy Atlas of Centre County (1874)

What U Geocache

Did a couple of geocaches today including this one.  ‘What U?’ GC13GPJ is a 1-mile total hike through PA State Game Lands 176.  It is located near the trail and the cache is university-themed.  It is a nice hike and I wish I had done it earlier in the fall before the leaves fell.


Utah Trip

I recently had the opportunity to travel out west to Utah and Arizona (Aug 25 – Sep 5).  My sister Victoria was going back out for work as a wildland firefighter and I helped drive back.  It’s over a 30 hour drive and it took us about 2 1/2 days of driving.  On the way out we stopped at Lake Michigan, Lincoln Home, Gateway Arch, and Dinosaur Ridge.  While in Utah and Arizona I visited the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Zion National Park, Lake Powell and Antelope Canyon, and Arches National Park.  I traveled home via Amtrak from Utah to Pennsylvania through Denver, Chicago, and Pittsburgh.  It was a great trip and I really enjoyed the experience.